The most advanced, accurate, and fastest way to analyse supplier’s pricing response sheets during a tender process.

The new standard for analysing pricing response documents

Traaci is a stand alone, online, automated, software tool for analysing Excel pricing bid sheets returned by suppliers during a tender process. 

Traaci is like having a team of the best commercial and analytical minds working onyourtenders to produce insights immediately.

Traaci = Tender Response Analysis & Augmented Commercial Intelligence.

“Oh no! How are we going to compare & analyse the pricing?”

Before Traaci, there were many options from overly simplistic through to needing developers to build a bespoke analysis application.

Choosing an option was a trade-off between:

  • Obtaining a detailed understanding of pricing
  • The skills required to conduct the analysis
  • The number of suppliers to involve in the tender
  • The time available to analyse the responses
  • The ability to audit the analysis
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A fully scalable & flexible solution that fits all situations

Traaci can be used for simple tenders through to the most complicated.

Scalability, Flexibility, and Simplicity were key to its design. 

Using Traacimeans that you no longer need a programmer to analyse large scale and complex tenders. 

Traacialso enables professional analysis reports to be easily generated for the basic tenders by those with limited Excel abilities.

Transparent analysis that can be banked on

Before Traaci, analysis of pricing responses wastypically poorly structured, loosely documented, and relies heavily on the skills of the analyst that completed it. 

The output of this “Blackbox” analysis wasthen used to make significant financial decisions.

Traaciis a structured and automated tool that removes the ability to “fudge” the numbers or make mistakes.

Traaciprovides well documented and auditable analysis that can be banked on.

Save time and money!

Analysis of pricing responses can take a long time.

When setup correctly, complete analysis of tender bids can be produced in less than 15 minutes.

Traaci typically saves weeks / months in the process by automating the following:

  • Aggregating like for like prices
  • Checking responses for omissions / errors
  • Designing and building analysis
  • Copying and varying analysis
  • Updating analysis with new or updated data
  • Formatting analysis for reports

Compatible with any Source-to-Contract or Tender Management system

You no longer need to be a financial wizard to do pricing analysis that amazes CFO’s

There is analysis and then there is pricing insight. Traaci takes the best pricing analysis techniques and turns it into insights at the push of a button.

Analysis techniques includes:

  • Price and costs variation, spread, and outlier analysis
  • Heat mapping
  • Bid Normalisation
  • Cherry pick analysis with detailed breakdown
  • Included / Exclude specific suppliers
  • Cashflow analysis

Analysis is also available to be exported to Excel & PDF.


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Case Studies

Used on tenders worth $500k to $500M from the education sector through to manufacturing and mining.

Cleaning Services

Waste Management

Security Services


Lateral Development


Electrical Services


Data safety is our top priority

Traaci keeps your data encrypted and locked away.

Physical: Australian Federal Gov Land

At Rest: Fully encrypted

Online: Https / SSL encrypted

Data ownership: Client


$449 / Tender

$1,499 / Tender

$4,499 / Tender

$9,899 / Tender
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Max Supplier Responses51020Unlimited
Max Tabs / Response2510Unlimited
Max Predefined Analysis102040Unlimited
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